The Library is the collection of information resources & services, organized for use, & maintained by the institution/organization. The library is the place where one can fill the mind with noble aspiration. And library plays an important role in educational sector. It is the backbone for any educational institution. Library has an excellent collections of resources of both books & non-books materials. The collections of resources are in engineering, technology, science, humanities, general, management etc,.. It maintains separate sections for reference books, E- Learning materials, periodicals, stack area, circulation & multimedia.

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Library Rules

Borrowers should satisfy themselves that the books borrowed are in good condition and all the pages intact if any book on return is found marked, underlined, annotated, damaged or mutilated, the borrower shall be held responsible for it. Books should be returned within a fortnight.

Tickets are not transferable. The librarian may refuse to issue books to any student who uses tickets of other students.

A student who has lost a ticket or book shall give a written report of the same immediately, to the Librarian. He / She will be given a duplicate ticket on payment of Rs 10/- but shall undertake to hold himself responsible for any loss an account of the lost ticket.

If a book is lost or damaged by a student, he will be required to replace it or pay twice the cost of the books within 30 days.

Silence should be strictly observed in the library premises.

Students while entering the library shall keep their personal belongings in file self provided for the purpose.They are allowed to take only loose sheets of white paper with them.

Any student infringing the above rules shall forfeit the privilege of admission to and use of the Library.

Books may be renewed for another fortnight and renewal will be permitted if no other student has applied for the same in the meantime. Not more than two consecutive renewals will be allowed.

Books that are in special demand may be called for at any time required.

Library Staff

K.Tamilmani - M.Sc (L.I.S)., M.Phil., PGDLAN, (Ph.D).

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